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Our experienced collectors recover debts when other agencies or attorneys would fail. Our face-to-face collection approach is well known for its successful results.

To submit an account for collection, please provide the following information and confirm placement submission below, or complete a claim form and return to our office via email or fax (207-781-4269). Call 1-800-999-1393 for help with any claim submission questions.

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Client Fee Structure

If the creditor company is a current One Source credit insurance policy holder, these rates will apply for accounts that have aged less than one year:

  • 25% fee on placements less than $1,000
  • 15% fee on placements $1,000 and over

Otherwise, our standard fee structure below will prevail.

Standard Fee Structure

If last unpaid invoice is less than 180 days old, the following rates will apply:

  • 33% fee on placements between $1,000 to $3,000
  • 22% fee on placements between $3,001 to $20,000
  • 18% fee on placements $20,001 and over

If last invoice is between 180 days and 365 days, the fee schedule is 33%.
If last invoice is over 365 days, the fee schedule is 50%.
If total owed is less than $1,000, the fee schedule is 40%.

Terms and Conditions

The creditor of this claim agrees to strictly refrain from any manner of correspondence with accounts placed for collection. One Source reserves the right to bill for and creditor agrees to pay costs incurred in pursuing such accounts if it is determined that such contact has taken place. One Source reserves the right to report the existence of any collection matter and its status.

Accounts settled direct are subject to charges for the services as outlined in above fee schedules. One Source reserves the right to collect a flat 10% of the full amount of any account withdrawn, excepting claims withdrawn by creditor so that a loss claim may be filed with credit insurance carrier according to the terms of the policy. One Source shall have the right to endorse for deposit and collection, in the name of and on the behalf of the creditor, remittances received on accounts placed with it for collection and to deduct from such remittances its authorized charges. One Source reserves the right to accept or decline claims on an individual basis.

Debtor company must have a working telephone number or the claim will not be processed by One Source. All accounts placed for collection must be accompanied by a statement of account.

Important reminder about credit insured debts!

  • Placing a credit insured debt with One Source Collections does not constitute filing a loss claim
  • Creditor is responsible for continued compliance to all terms of their policy
  • If required, creditor must continue to report past due debt to carrier
  • If necessary, creditor is responsible for filing any loss claim before the expiration of claim filing period

We are here to help and would be pleased to assist you with following all compliance issues pertaining to your policy.