ROI Benefits - Make it Make $ense

We can quickly show a few of the ways that Credit Insurance can not only protect your shareholders and bottom line from unexpected loss, but also add much needed capital to your business. All you need to do is fill out the first six highlighted boxes.

You will get a snapshot of:

  • Your DSO and Portfolio size
  • How much incremental business would justify a credit insurance policy
  • How the effects of Increased Borrowing Efficiencies can impact your cash flow
  • What you have to do today in additional sales to make up for even Average Expected Losses

The most powerful part of this exercise is the fact that other than the Estimated Premium, none of the numbers are generated by One Source! The resulting numbers are your data, such as sales, average account, margin and advance rates. This gives you a true non-biased view of the tangible benefits.

A. Your Information: