Why One Source

One Source Risk Management is one of the fastest growing specialist brokers in the industry. What differentiates us is our people. One Source has hired Senior Professionals from the insurance, banking and trade finance world. With our unique service structure, national alliances and communication points with the carriers, you are given access to the experts who can find you the most cost effective and comprehensive solutions. We also offer a suite of services that can complement your credit insurance policy or be used alone, including credit reports, collection services, and receivables management services
One Source Clients are afforded best in class client services including a dedicated service team and access to our unique Client Services Information Department. If a One Source client receives a notice of cancelled, reduced, or declined buyer coverage from their Credit Insurance carrier, One Source is there to help. As a complimentary service, the CIS department gathers the appropriate information needed to help approve, increase, or reinstate buyer coverage. One Source created CIS in 2010 after realizing that many clients struggled with buyer coverage cancellations, declines, or reductions from insurance carriers. These adverse coverage actions resulted in major impacts to their clients' revenue streams. One Source saw an opportunity to further support our clients because insurance carriers often have limited resources committed to gathering financial, bank, and trade data. With research and hands-on information gathered from domestic and global sources, our team quickly resolves issues and improves coverage, generating higher sales and profits for clients. To date we have helped reinstate over $268 million in previously cancelled, reduced or declined buyer coverage which allowed our clients to continue to sell to these buyers safely.
With offices from Seattle to Maine and now also present in Canada, One Source can afford you the highest level of personalized service. Besides working with our producers, you will be assigned a dedicated Client Account Specialist to handle your day-to-day needs.
If you are currently insured, whether directly or through another broker, One Source will provide a FREE no-obligation evaluation of your current program and point out the strengths and weaknesses in order to help you make the most informed decision for your business.