This applies to International Sales, Domestic Sales or a combination of both.

The most cost-effective way to cover your receivables is with a Multi Buyer policy. With this approach you cover the majority of your receivables against unexpected loss.

Though the concept is simple, there are many variables to be considered when structuring a policy. One Source will evaluate the specific needs and unique intricacies of your business and design the most comprehensive and cost-effective program tailored to best suit your needs.

A Multi Buyer policy will consist of three major components:

Named Coverage - Risk is transferred to the carrier's balance sheet by actually having the carrier assign a limit per account in the policy.

Discretionary coverage - The carrier will underwrite your credit function and attach the insurance to your credit decisions.

Non Qualified Loss - Used to reduce premiums by excluding the smaller accounts from the policy.

These three components together create a flexible tool to cover you against unexpected loss. Premiums are based on the amount of INSURED sales. This allows you to change the customer/country mix dramatically without penalty.