Excess and Syndication

With the tightening of the credit markets, it is often difficult to get the coverage needed from just one carrier. OneSource can combine the capacity of multiple carriers together to get you the most protection possible.

This can be done in two ways:

Excess Insurance - We work with carriers to "layer" coverage on top of each other. You have a primary limit and then one or more layers of "excess" coverage above primary coverage. As you work out of a debt, the excess layers are retired first, working down to the primary limit.

Syndication - Two or more carriers work together to "share" a risk. They can take different percentage positions in order to achieve the necessary limit. In these cases, the carriers share any loss as their respective interest in the syndication appear. This can be a very powerful tool as it allows you to maximize coverage while spreading the risk around to the various carriers' balance sheets.

OneSource will do all of the work of organizing and setting up the syndication. The end result is a seamless product for you with the highest possible coverage and the most cost effective structure.