Protect Your Accounts Receivable

There are many reasons why your customers do not pay their debts and most, if not all, are not your fault! Corporate insolvencies, financial institution changes, shrinking margins, industry consolidation, product liability, cash flow issues, government regulations, new developments in the domestic and international space, natural disasters and fraud... these only scratch the surface of reasons for non payment; there are many more.

Your accounts receivable is one of your company's largest assets, yet at the same time, the most vulnerable to unexpected loss. Credit Insurance pays when your customer cannot.

Credit Insurance can be written for:

  • Domestic receivables
  • International receivables
  • A combination of the two (known as Multi Market)

Benefits to using Credit Insurance include, but are not limited to:

  • Catastrophic loss protection
  • Safely increasing sales without increasing risk
  • Penetrating new geographies and/or industries
  • Increasing borrowing rates
  • Protecting overseas loans and investments
  • Insuring export sales
  • Replacing letters of credit
  • Insuring against political events
  • Gaining access to experts in specific industries and countries
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